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I learned that friendship is very important and you need them to go on in life.
Yusef age 10


American Interfaith Camps

"Friendship through Faith, Peace through Play, Trust through Teaching"
In the unlikeliest of places, in the mountains of North Carolina, in the deep woods, on the banks of the New River and in the minds of children, the future of the world is being saved because of what is being done at American Interfaith Camps. Our camp continues to be the host for both campers from the United States and internationally: In 2009, we hosted a delegation from Israel and Palestine in cooperation with the Peres Center for Peace in Israel. .

The goal of the camp is not to persuade any one particular belief, but to provide the opportunity for children of different backgrounds from the ages of 10–13 to play, eat, pray and grow together as friends both in body and spirit...helping to save the world-one child at a time.

Overview of the Camp:
American Interfaith Camps, Inc., a "501 (C) 3 charity", was formed in 2002 by Reverend Peter Parish, Rabbi Murray Ezring and Shafiq Mohammad in response to the tragedy of "9/11" for the sole purpose of providing a safe and non–judgmental forum for children of the Christian, Jewish, and Islamic faiths to attend and learn more about each other. Two week long camps are offered each summer (one for boys and one for girls). (2014 will be an abbreviated camp week, due to school schedules and Ramadan.)